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Alarm Announcements

Listed below are two examples of announcements to listen for in an emergency situation.

  1. Normal Announcement (during and after business hours)

    "May I have your attention please. This is building security. An alarm has been activated on the ______ floor and the fire department has been dispatched. For everyone's safety, the elevators will be temporarily taken out of normal service. Unless you are in immediate danger, please relocate to the next re-entry floor or evacuate the building - as instructed by the announcement." (The announcement will be repeated.)

  2. Normal/Conclusions (during and after business hours)

    "May we have your attention please. This is building security. The fire department has investigated the alarm on the ______ floor. This investigation is now complete. We are now returning the building back to normal operation. Thank you for your cooperation." (The announcement will be repeated.)

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