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Thefts and Suspicious Occurrences

Building Management has procedures to assist the building tenants in handling many types of situations that occur in a downtown office environment. When a theft or suspicious activity occurs, immediately notify the Management Office (303) 534-6611.

A. Office Theft/Suspicious Occurrences

The tenant should be aware of activities that are outside the normal day-to-day activities on their floor and in the building.

  1. Never leave your reception area unattended.
  2. During off-business hours, doors should remain locked at all times. Tenants will often use the restroom during these off times, leaving their door open, giving access to unwelcome individuals.
  3. Door bells can be installed at tenant’s cost and can be a great deterrent for potential thieves.
  4. Watch team - a cooperative effort with fellow employees and/or other tenants on your floor to look out for each other. This may include exchanging phone numbers with other tenants to facilitate rapid communication.

B. Response Measures

It is important to notify the Management Office (303) 534-6611 immediately when an event takes place. The Management Office will need the following information whenever possible:

  1. Tenant name and suite number.
  2. Type of situation, location, and time.
  3. Description of suspected individual(s).
  4. Which direction the suspect went (i.e., stairs, elevator, restroom(s), up or down in the elevator, etc.).

C. Types of Occurrences to Look For

  1. Suspicious move-outs, unfamiliar individuals in restrooms or wandering the hallways, suspicious boxes, equipment, etc. in hallways.
  2. Multi-tenant floors should watch for doors or stairwell doors being propped open.




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