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Elevator Malfunction

The following are steps to take when you find yourself in an elevator that has stopped for no known reason and the doors won’t open.

  • The most important is DON’T PANIC.

  • Push the “Alarm” button, which is located on the button panel marked in red. This will open communications with the Security desk in the lobby. DO NOT ATTEMPT OR TRY TO FORCE DOORS OPEN. Do not exit the elevator until advised by a mechanic or fire department representative.

  • Give Security your name, who you work for and what you experienced when the elevator stopped. The Security will contact the elevator contractor.

  • Security will check back with you to see how you are and monitor conditions. Let Security know of anyone they can call for you, (i.e. office, family member, car pool.) Continue to communicate with Security and let them know how you are feeling or if there is any medical emergency.


If you are outside the elevators and hear the bell ring, call the Management Office and report that someone is stuck in the elevator, that way we can confirm that Security is aware of the situation and are in contact with the person(s) in the elevator.

Elevator Emergencies Requiring Fire Department Assistance

During an elevator emergency, 911 should only be called if the person(s) inside is/are trapped, as defined by the Denver Fire Department. A situation involving one or more of the following would warrant a call to 911:

  • The ability to communicate with the person(s) is lost
  • The person(s) request that 911 be called
  • There is a medical emergency (panic included)
  • There is an environmental emergency (fire, chemical, bomb threat, etc.)
  • A wall has to be breached or person(s) must be removed by any means other than under their own power and via the normal passenger exit door.
  • Personnel from Building Management, Engineering, Security, etc., deem it necessary to call 911
  • The responding elevator company or mechanic deems it necessary to call 911
  • Due to weather or other conditions (e.g. mechanic responding from home), the response time will be longer than twenty (20) minutes

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