Introduction Emergency Telephone Numbers Alarm Announcements Bomb Threat Procedures Building/Tenant Fire Safety Earthquake Elevator Malfunction Evacuation Procedures Hazardous Material Leak/Environmental Emergency Hostage Situation Medical Emergencies Natural Gas Emergency Power Failure Procedures Severe Weather Tenant Fire Safety Plan Thefts and Suspicious Occurrences Water Interruption or Flood

This Tenant Emergency Handbook is a quick reference guide to help instruct you, the tenant, on handling building and/or tenant emergencies. We feel that by communicating with you about your role in building and personal security, we can reduce the risk of life threatening situations.

This booklet provides valuable information for your employees. It should be read carefully by key managers and designated tenant “Floor Wardens” in your office. It is essential that these procedures are fully understood and followed should the occasion arise.

In the event of an emergency, the safe and rapid evacuation of the affected area is the responsibility of the Civil Authorities and the individual employee. It is imperative that each employee become familiar with the procedures described on the following pages. If there are any questions, please call the Management Office at 303-534-6611 before an emergency arises.

As part of the tenant’s own contingency plan, each tenant needs to consider the possibility of records being destroyed, lost or damaged. It is recommended that each tenant have a procedure in place to store and maintain back-up records.

Please click here to download the Tenant Emergency Manual.

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